Petits World Pre-school is established and run by the three of us.
Vinitha Pai, Aparna Prabhu and Smitha Shenoy

We are three enthusiasts who are passionate about teaching and caring for children. All three of us hold college/professional degree qualification on different fields, but we have discovered over the period of time that our heart and minds are with kids!

We are localites in Mangaluru and wish to make a difference in lives of kids here, in our own small way!

Started in 2012, our school is buzzing with kids and growing strong year on year, thanks to patronage and support provided by our parent community all these years.

Kids are the best gift that God can bestow in anyone’s life. Caring and nurturing in early stages of their life is divine!

Nothing gives us more satisfaction, than watching a bunch of toddlers walk into our school every morning and start the day with their own innocent ways!

Pre-school is the most important part, when a kid starts his/her acedemic journey in this world. They deserve all the love, care, safety, and learning of earthly ways! And that is what we take pride in doing day in and day out!

Do drop in to our school with your kid, share your thoughts and let us make a difference in your kid’s life.

You can reach us @ 9481920916